RJS is a leader in the Silo Cleaning sector working extensively across the UK and Worldwide

RJS are experts in remote controlled silo cleaning and blockage removal from all type of Silos, vessels and bulk storage containers. The RJS Gyro Whip cleaning service is highly efficient, and renowned as the safest method of cleaning silos available. Under normal circumstances, no operatives need to enter your silo.

Our experience, professionalism and attention to detail set us apart from similar businesses to ours. We know this, as we are often called in to situations where previous attempts to solve blockages or tricky problems by other companies have failed after days of trying without any progress and in some cases even getting equipment stuck in the silo.

Several times it has been brought to our attention by our clients that RJS have often achieved more in just two hours, than another companies attempt which had taken several days without any progress at all.

We are not saying that we can solve your problem in two hours, in fact it can take several days to clear a seriously blocked silo, but we are often on site for less time on average than our competitors, and we take great pride in our work, concentrating on safety, cleanliness and overall customer service.

In addition to our other services we also offer the RJS Cardox system in conjunction with the Gyro Whip and Disab Industrial Vacuum Truck.

The Cardox system is sometimes misunderstood. Initially it does sound like we are using explosives, but we are not, the Cardox system is specially designed for the purpose of removing stubborn blocked material, in a safe way, by sending a shockwave through the rock solid material to crack, dislodge and loosen it enough to either completely clear the materials or in some cases it will create rat holes so that we can then use the Gyro Whip if required.

RJS SiloSure™ maintenance plan


RJS Silo-Sure™ is a scheduled maintenance service we offer clients which is focused on prevention rather than an expensive cure – making financial sense and providing you with reassurance that production will continue to run 24/7 without interruption.

Materials within Silo’s build-up typically very slowly, so your plants efficiency is ebbing away marginally over time – to the extent that it often goes unnoticed and undetected until it stops completely. Material build-up increases your stock requirement adding gradual cost implications on to your bottom line. If this sounds familiar then you may want to consider talking to Jason today about designing a program for your site.

This section is not designed to shock you, but you do know, that the nature of your product and its potential interaction with ambient and adverse weather conditions, like water leaks, damp, humidity or even general errors like filling the wrong product into the wrong silo, RJS can be on call and with you quickly to provide a solution.

It is fair to say that without regular maintenance and cleaning, blockages will occur, with even greater associated costs, adding to potential plant shut-down and lost production time.

In most cases, the silo and associated plant can operate as normal during cleaning, avoiding any downtime losses, though we are also highly flexible in completing cleaning as part of planned maintenance shutdowns.

In some cases like cement plants, it has been possible to run production even when the kilns are off, using the RJS Gyro Whip to release blocked materials from silos and the Disab Vacuum truck to recover materials from all areas of the plant and recycle through the production system. You can also call on us to clean any area of the site prior to maintenance or engineering works.

Silo Cleaning Services

industrial silo clean

Industrial Silo Cleaning

Our Silo Cleaning services are a perfect solution to big industrial silos. Our machines and expertise can resolve some of the most stubborn and hardest blockages and material build up challenges in the industry.

Agricultural Silo Clean pumping

Agricultural Silo Cleaning

We have many clients who require agrciultuiral silo cleaning. When grain material builds up you can have a really tough challenge to try and clear blockages yourself. Our maintenance plan resolves all these issues for you to get your silos functioning again.

silo cleaning vehicle in action

Commercial Silo Cleaning

Our machines are well equipped to handle commercial operations and resolve blockages for your commercial business. Whether located in the UK or abroad we have the skills and machines to get the job done for you in no time.


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Silo Cleaning Services from the UK

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