Project Details

June 28, 2018

Project Description


RJS were called in to clear many weeks of built up materials at a local chalk factory, as you will see from the main photo the usual way to clean the spillages has been to shovel the material into a barrow and try to deposit the materials back into the system, this option is both very time consuming for the plant operators and ineffective as not very much materials can be moved very quickly.


RJS Vacuumation are industry experts in clearing such build-ups of bulk materials, we pride ourselves in working hard and doing a good job for the customer, in the hope we will always be invited back if further cleaning is required in the future.
For this task we supplied our Disab Industrial Vacuum Unit and two Operators to vacuum the bulk materials and tip into the site shed where the materials were collected by the site loading shovel and re-used in the production cycle.

The method of cleaning by our Disab Industrial Vacuum is both quick and efficient but also ticks all the boxes for health and safety requirements being less manual than shoveling and barrowing, no airborne dust is created or released to atmosphere as all the materials are being suck at high power into the Disab and the air is cleaned through a combination of filter before being released to atmosphere, using the Disab a lot of material can be removed very quickly, the plant staff indicated that the work we completed in four hours might take them two weeks or more to carry out, and as it is so slow using the manual method there never seems to be any progress as they clean one area and before you know it the materials are building up again.