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Turnkey operation

The RJS Gyro Whip is easily transported and assembled on site, with the principally aluminum construction making it highly maneuverable and lightweight for easy assembly and affordable overseas shipping.


A simple idea, but a highly effective and efficient process

The RJS Gyro Whip™ is mounted in a frame on the silo top and secured inside a silo opening. We operate the Gyro remotely from the silo roof, lowering it in to the void below, using a powerful 110v work light we identify the problem and plan the best way to clear the blockage, the materials are cleared using an air-driven rotary cutter, with 360° rotation, operating down to a depth of up to 60m (200ft).

RJS use a range of cutters, depending on the type of material we are asked to recover or loosen. In our armory we have a range of soft brushes to chains with hardened steel cutters. Once the material is cleared it simply falls to the base of the silo for easy extraction, by either the normal means or via our DISAB Vacuumation process.

The system is even effective when the silo is blocked solid, as in some situations a pilot hole can be drilled from underneath to allow material extraction if required.

The RJS Gyro Whip is easily transported and assembled on site, with the principally aluminum construction making it highly maneuverable and lightweight for easy assembly and affordable to transport overseas.
Please download our RJS Gyro Whip™ PDF for the site requirements we require when we visit you on site.

RJS Gyro Whip – specifications and on site requirements

The RJS Gyro Whip requires 100cfm (2.83 m3/min) at 85psi (6kp/cm2) min. pressure.

With a total weight of 300kg, a crane, lift or hoist is required to lift the Gyro Whip on and off the top of the silo.

A 110v (volt) power supply is required for lighting inside the silo.

A manhole or similar opening is required at the top of the silo (min. size 600mm square or round). Larger, suitably placed openings (i.e. by removing dust plant, feed pipes, vents etc.) can also be used.

The RJS Gyro Whip rotates through 360° degrees with a boom length of 7.9m – cleaning a silo of 15.8m from a central position. Please note that larger silos will require more than one 600mm access.

During the cleaning process, it is necessary to keep the discharge valves, air-slides, screws etc. open, to discharge the material in the normal manner, if this is not possible then the RJS Disab Vacuum truck may be used to evacuate the materials, this method helps to keep dust levels down and allows better visibility while clearing the materials from the walls.

With flat-bottomed silos, the final clean out, around air-slides, screws, etc, and any stubborn lumps, can be carried out manually using the RJS Disab Vacuum truck.

Once all the dangerous or hazardous overhanging material has been removed (down to approx. 2m or below) we will make an assessment to deem it safe to enter the silo and carry out further cleaning works under Confined Space conditions.

The RJS DISAB High Flow Vacuum Tanker is a valuable addition to our company, supporting our silo cleaning operations, and extending our customer service capabilities.

The DISAB is both powerful and hugely versatile in both wet and dry applications, with the capability to remove all types of sludge, slurries, filter cakes and sediments, as well as powders, granular materials, aggregates and ash. The wide, 8-inch suction line allows easy removal of large ‘lumps’.


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