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Ideal for loosening stubborn blockages

Sometimes there is a Silo Blockage that Gyro Whipping just cannot tackle used by itself, most commonly a silo which has material bridged inside it, although we have successfully used the Gyro Whip and our Disab Industrial Vacuum Truck together to successfully clear Silo Blockages of this type on many occasions there are times that we use the RJS Cardox system in addition to the Gyro Whip and Disab Vacuum System.

Cardox is a powerful solution that we most commonly use on the toughest and most stubborn blockages or build-ups you are ever likely to experience in any industrial situation. We have used the system in 20,000 ton cement silos, raw meal silos and the kiln at cement factories in Nigeria. We have also been successful in clearing approximately 1500 tons of hard built up of cement from a 4000 ton silo in the UK using a combination of the RJS Gyro Whip, the RJS Cardox System and the RJS Disab Industrial Vacuum Truck, all of this material was re-introduced into the production system and ultimately sold onto customers, without an ounce of wasted materials.

Cardox isn’t a new idea; it’s been widely used for over 50 years in the bulk materials industry and we have been successfully using the system for over five years both in the UK and Nigeria. It has been proven to be one of the most efficient and reliable means of clearing material bridged inside silos and with the help of the Gyro Whip and Disab truck we can cater for every situation we are faced with.

RJS staff are highly trained and insured to carry out the use of Cardox in a wide range of situations. Talk to Jason to discuss your clearance requirements, our experience and involvement at an early stage will have your blocked silos cleared and ready for production in no time at all. Delays in making a decision will normally result in the problem getting worse, rather than better, costing further time than may have initially been required if we had been called in the early stages of the problem becoming apparent.

So how does our RJS Cardox system work?

The RJS Cardox System consists of a high strength reusable steel tube, which is filled with liquid Co2, a chemical heater, and a rupture disc.

When activated by an electrical signal from a hand-held activation unit attached to the tube by wires, a low-tension electric fuse initiates a rapid reaction in the heater, causing the liquid Co2 to pressurize.

This instantaneous build-up in pressure, reaches a yield pressure on the rupture disc, which in turn bursts, releasing a heaving mass of Co2 expanding to 600 times its original volume, which aerates and clears the surrounding material. The activation process takes less than one second.

The Cardox tubes generated pressure can be regulated between 2800 bar (40,000 psi) and 1200 bar (18,000 psi) by selecting the thickness of the rupture disc. Our RJS Cardox tubes are used over and over. The heater and rupture disc is replaced after each use. The liquid carbon dioxide is entirely safe to use without fear of any secondary reactions with other gases.


The RJS Gyro Whip™ is mounted in a frame on the silo top and secured inside a silo opening.  We operate the Gyro remotely from the silo roof, lowering it in to the void below, using a powerful 110v work light we identify the problem and plan the best way to clear the blockage, the materials are cleared using an air-driven rotary cutter, with 360° rotation, operating down to a depth of up to 60m (200ft). Sometimes the blockage is too stubborn to start off with the Gyro Whip so we use Cardox to get the ball rolling.


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