Article from World Coal Magazine Feb 2007 – Eliminate the Risks

Eliminate the Risks

An article published in World Coal Magazine, February 2007

It has been recognised that internal silo/bin cleaning by manual methods has an inherent risk that until recently has been accepted by the majority of bulk material produces throughout the world. These companies have low feed and blockage problems with their bulk storage and material handling which are overlooked until it’s too late. This has a direct impact on production and pushes costs ever higher. They become faced with unplanned downtime and costs which are not budgeted for, this in turn can have a knock on effect for the customer.

For several years R.J.S. Silo Clean (International) Ltd has specialised in the remote cleaning of all sizes and designs of silo/bins throughout the world. The company has continued to respond quickly to customers requirements.

As an integral and vital part of the production process, silos and their associated equipment are nearly always overlooked when companies plan for their annual shutdowns for maintenance. It appears to be somebody else’s problem – Packing and Distribution as a rule.

It can never be stressed enough that these areas if not maintained will shut production down. Silos/bins if even partially blocked can effect production eg. Cement milling is an example which I am sure has effected all cement producers at some stage. If the product they are grinding has insufficient space available in the designated silo (maybe due to blockage or heavy build up), the mill cannot run. In this case it may not be possible for the mill to run off-peak, subsequently doubling the electricity costs, the major cost for cement producers.


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