Another RJS Silo Clean Successful Blockage Clearance

RJS Silo Clean is one the UK’s leading specialists in remote silo cleaning and blockage clearance.

The benefits of effective silo, hopper and bin cleaning are well documented. Clearing material build-up as part of a planned maintenance programme can improve plant efficiency, reduce waste and avoid costly plant shutdown.

One large UK company recently experienced a completely blocked silo when damp product was allowed to dry out, creating a solid bridge inside the silo and rendering it completely unusable.

When the customer’s tried and tested method (banging the cone with a hammer from the outside), failed to make any headway, RJS quickly came up with a solution.

First, we devised a method to safely bore a 12 inch diameter hole from underneath the blockage. An access hatch with modified cover plate was used which allowed the drill to be positioned under the product, yet prevent any loosened material falling out of the hatch.

Our Giro whip (operating from the top of the silo) was used to widen the hole, clear the blockage and discharge the product onto the normal process.

Our involvement in this solution allowed plant production to continue and also complied with our health and safety commitments. It allowed the local Engineering Manager to concentrate on the production line. And minimized potential lengthy downtime.


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